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Embracing the Healing Journey

This award-winning double CD set provides nearly two and a half hours of guidance, support, practical advice, encouragement and Love. As a cancer survivor herself, Nancy brings her personal and professional experience in mind-body-spirit healing to this unique and invaluable recording.

This comprehensive program, including an information rich 24-page booklet, combines deep relaxation with the power of healing guided imagery meditations and healing affirmations as it deals with diagnosis shock, treatment choices, decision-making, embracing emotions, being a proactive patient, trusting your inner knowing, enhancing healing and the post-cancer “re-entry” process. Clearly created by someone who’s been there, Nancy compassionately walks you through the healing journey with an authority that inspires deep trust, and a genuine warmth that eases the mind and opens the heart.

Rather than “fight cancer”, you can learn to let Love be the most active, potent force in your self-healing process, enhancing overall mind body spirit healing. The power of guided healing visualization and positive healing affirmations, combined for holistic mind-body healing, cannot be overstated.

As thousands of listeners have experienced, Nancy Hopps’ compassionate wisdom, skillful suggestions and “amazingly soothing voice” can greatly assist you to Relax Into Healing.

Whether breast, lung, brain, liver, skin, stomach, ovarian, uterine, cervical, prostate, lymphoma, or any other kind of cancer, this guided imagery CD, with its positive affirmations and compassionate wisdom is a perfect complementary or adjunctive therapy as part of any allopathic or alternative healing protocol.

   Track List:  
  CD 1  
 1.  Foreword - Jan Stafl, M.D.  1:42
 2.  Introduction: You Are Not Alone  5:51
 3.  The "C" Word: Dealing with Diagnosis Shock  18:43
 4.  Being a Proactive Patient  21:17
 5.  Embracing All Emotions  18:32
 6.  Solo Harp  6:15
   CD 2  


 (1) Listening Within: You are the authority! 


 8.  (2) Enhancing Healing  23:15


 (3) Intro to...



 (4) Affirmations: "As I think in my heart..."



 (5) Re-Entry: From blues to blessings       19:30

TOTAL RUNNING TIME (both CDs): Approx. 2 Hours, 21 Minutes

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